54 Wn.2d 921, REPORTER'S NOTE

                               REPORTER'S NOTE

By order of the Supreme Court dated December 13, 1957, the reporter was directed not to publish any opinion of the Supreme Court in bound volumes of the Washington Reports while a petition for rehearing is pending, and until after the final determination if a rehearing is granted.

Pursuant to the above order, the opinions in the following cases, which were published in Vol. 154 of the Washington Decisions, have been withheld from publication in the current volume:

No. 34644 State T. Evans

No. 34861 Slater v. Murphy

No. 34496 Richison v. Nun

No. 34593 Ennis v. Ring

No. 34913 Seattle v. Harclaon

No. 34600 Bland v. King County

No. 34696 Kane v. Smith

No. 34780 Williams v. Department of Labor and Industries

No. 34795 Gooden v. Hunter